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We Pump Insulation Into The Walls Of Existing or New Australian Homes 

Servicing Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth

Internal Walls

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External Walls

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Bringing Australian homes up to modern energy efficiency standards.

CAVITYWALL Insulation uses Knauf Supafil® CarbonPlus, an unbonded, non-combustible glasswool insulation application designed for installation into existing and new cavity wall systems which significantly increases the thermal and acoustic performance of the wall.

Up to 35% [1] of heat loss or gain in the home is through uninsulated cavity walls.


A double brick cavity without insulation is thermally rated traditionally at R0.6. With Supafil® CarbonPlus, a standard 50mm double brick cavity will improve wall system thermal rating to R1.9.


According to the National House Energy Rating Scheme this can improve star rating by up to +1.2 [1].


This increase in thermal efficiency makes a home more sustainable; reducing power consumption needs and reducing the home’s carbon footprint [2].

[1] Based on Indicative Housing Energy Rating Software (HERS) Heating and Cooling loads for new and existing homes in NatHERS Climate Zone 13, single story cavity masonry, different orientations, R2 & R4 ceiling insulation.

[2] Based on testing completed by the manufacturer certified by Building Code Australia 30057.

Making  homes more sustainable.
Reducing power consumption needs.
Reducing the home’s carbon footprint.

Download our Builders Guide.

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